Stone, marble and granite stairs

Stairs are often a decorative element of the interior. They may add elegance, poshness and aesthetics. One of sturdy solutions are stairs made of stone, e.g. marble or granite stairs. Their wide range of colours and quite often unique design will enhance aesthetic properties of each interior, especially if they are skillfully integrated into the style of the house. We are at your disposal at each stage – from design, through consultancy services to the final realisation. You can rely on our full support both in respect of selection of the appropriate type of stone and preparing the design of stairs, while taking into account aesthetic values and ergonomics. Our installation team will ensure that the stairs are installed in full compliance with the design.

Cladding on external stairs is a separate issue. Here we are restricted – with regard to the material – to sandstone or anti-slip granite stairs, flamed or processed with abrasive waterjet.

Indoor we install classic cladding on reinforced concrete stairs, as well as cantilevered stairs executed in a modern bolting technique, however, where this is the case, such solution should be already taken into consideration at the stage of designing the house.

You are invited to cooperation with us. Below are examples of stone stairs realisations.