Since time immemorial marble has been a precious material in the field of architecture, construction and sculpture. Not much has changed in this subject – the only difference being that marble is much easier and faster to process with utmost accuracy.

Marble is a metamorphic sedimentary rock of calcareous origin, therefore such feature has a direct impact on the manner of use. Having chosen marble or travertine, one must remember that although they are beautiful rocks, they are also very delicate and sensitive to any contact with chemically active agents (acid or alkaline reagents or chemicals containing chlorine). Detailed information on that subject is available at our office.

Our offer contains over a hundred types of marble originating from all over the world, differing in colour and structure. It includes classic Italian marble, such as Carrara, Calacata or Statuario, or a whole range of warm pastel shades of Spanish marble, or fancy multi-coloured Indian marble. Having such a wide range of available colours to choose from, designing stone interiors is pure joy. Our imagination is the only limit.

Onyx forms a specific group of marble. Onyx gemstones are translucent to light to a greater or lesser extent. This stone is used to make purely decorative elements, such as backlit walls, lamps and fireplace or bathroom elements.