A bathroom is a room which may be the main decorative element of our house. Its interior is often entirely finished in stone, such as marble, granite, travertine or a combination of these materials.

A lot depends on the choice of colour scheme, application of a number of possible types of stone processing, hence before proceeding to installation works it is necessary to prepare a design. Quite often clients come to us with clear-cut and definite ideas. Then we only assist them in selection of specific materials. We are also ready to prepare a design. After you have chosen particular slabs from our warehouses, we can show you visualisations of your bathroom.

Sometimes stone is only an addition to ceramic tiles. It may be a worktop made of marble granite or conglomerate, shower walls, toilet frame covering, mirror frames or various shelves. Undoubtedly, apart from visual aspects of stone used in a bathroom, it is its functionality and agelessness that makes it special.